Saturday, July 30, 2011

Addison's Wish

Happy Saturday everyone!  I wanted to post this up before I took off for work this morning.  I'm blessed with two beautiful granddaughter's, that both have birthday's in August.  I purchased this cute MFT stamp way back in February to make cards for them.  This first one will be for Addison, who will be turning 6, and heading off to kindergarten!  She has blonde hair, so of course, this little fairy needed to be blonde...  I used Jen Del Muro's July SFYTT, and finally had some success with the MFT rolled roses die.  Did you know they have a wonderful tutorial on their blog on making these?  Duh, should have watched it a long time ago...! 

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Maureen said...

This is the perfect little (blonde) girl card :) I had to laugh at your rolled roses comment...I have that same die, have watched the video, and still can't make them that well! I just need to practice because they look fabulous :) You are too sweet today with your comment...I was just so glad to meet up with others that I've met on the internet...especially through Verve. Yes, inking new stamps is always fun...the smell, how they really cling to the plastic and you have to peel them and how well they stamp, even on the first time. You are a dear, and yes, same time next year sounds good to me!