Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIM Baby Garland

Well, I needed to make a baby card, and decided to try my hand at making garland.  Ashley had super instructions, but I feel like I failed in this first attempt, as my little tags already had hole in them!  oops!  I still like the way it turned out, for my first attempt at making garland on a project.  I also used my heart border die with felt - a first for me!  I like the texture it gives on my baby card!

Thanks for stopping by!


Jacquie Southas said...

love your garland - I like the dimension & number of tags that you could fit on the line by using the holes in the tags

Rhonda said...

Love all the tags lined up this way Luanne. The colors are so pretty.

Tracey McNeely said...

Perfect banner for a baby boy card. The tiny tags are amazing.

landerson213 said...

I LOVE how you used the tags! So adorable! This card is stunning! :)


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