Friday, February 15, 2013

Aqua Smiles

This may be my favorite color combination ever!  I just started playing with my Embroidered Blooms set, and pulled out Aqua Mist, Hawaiian Shores, Royal Velvet and Winter Wisteria.  Love!  Hope you like it too!

The card base is Aqua Mist, and the satin ribbon is Royal Velvet.  Have a great weekend all...!


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Maureen said...

that IS a fantastic colour combo! Aqua is really a neutral, isn't it!? It's fabulous with everything! LOL Kind of like berry sorbet! LOL OH, I'm so happy to hear you got the frilly flowers! Though they take time to make, the end results are so fun! Especially "pumping" them up at the end! I didn't order anything this time, can you believe it? I do have a list and the final clincher would have been the anniversary set, but it didn't jump out at me :( So I'll probably just order next month...I've got a lot of new stamps from my Design Teams at the moment so I'm too busy to give PTI the proper love :) What else did you order?