Friday, August 23, 2013

Preparing for 2013 Stamp-a-FAIRE!

Well after two years of gathering with 6 friends for SAF,  this year will be quiet and extra sweet!  Tomorrow my friend Amanda is coming over to stamp the day away without interruption! Well, unless its to whip up something in my kitchen...  I got a head start tonight, with the tea dying instructions from Melissa...

Hard to believe this pot of goodies will cook up something gorgeous!  Haha! Can't wait to see what we'll do....!  Night all...!


Leigh Penner said...

I did this tonight, too, Luanne. Except, I just found some unbleached cotton in my fabric stash-- I hope it works the same way!
Have fun stamping tomorrow!

DIANA L. said...

I am going to go do it right now Thanks for the heads up.