Sunday, August 30, 2015

SAF 2015 Mix and Match Challenge 2

I had to give Dawn's challenge a try!  I'm all about the Greens and Blues! So her challenge to add a color combo you wouldn't normally use?  Well, I gave it a try.  I dislike orange. Rarely use it on cards, except for Halloween! Melon Berry included.  So after looking at my options, I went for New Leaf, Hawaiian Shores and the not so favorite, Melon Berry.

I started with the favorites, by watercoloring a background with the green and turquoise. (Thanks for that tutorial Dawn, I have a new love for my Zigs!). I cut and stamped the blooms with the dreaded Melon Berry.  After adding the Hawaiian Shores stems from Turning a New Leaf, I place the flowers and leaves how I liked them. Then I added some Aqua Rhinestones to the centers of the flowers.

I guess it's all right. Still not a fan of orange! ;-)


1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Very pretty! The Melon Berry adds a touch of softness to the New Leaf and Hawaiian Shores.