Friday, August 28, 2015

The night before...SAF!

could hardly wait for work to be over today, just thinking about joining the SAF fun this weekend!  This is the first year I won't be with my stamping buds... :-( .  With school already in session in Lexington, their kids are keeping them busy. Needless to say they will be missed!  

  So, I'm soaking my sticks,

 And trying to find my place to stamp in the morning!

Sheesh!  I need to pick up first!  See you all in the morning!


Maureen said...

oh, you got the SAF pack! I didn't this year, due to the crappy exchange! But I will order tomorrow :) SAF will never be as wonderful as being there in Ohio, agreed! I still have such fond memories and my photos are still up in the studio :) I'm stamping alone again this year, but I work best that way! If I'm with someone, I just like to visit (and shop!) LOL Hugs back!

Greta said...

Think I'll just push everything into a box in the morning to make room to work! My table is a mess--LOL Enjoy the event!

Anne said...

Luane, I always enjoy your posts on the forum and it is great to see you preparing for tomorrow. Have a great Stamp A Faire.