Saturday, January 23, 2016


Happy Snow Days for me!  The bank where I work never closes, but when you get 8 or 9 inches of snow, Lexington pretty much has to shut down. Yay! Time to make cards!  I've been able to make my matchbook project, but have my Blog Hop card ready too!  I've got a few other items I've got to get done too, so I'm pretty happy to have the time off.

I made mine a little more neutral, just to give to a coworker sometime.  We don't do valentines there, but I think this will be nice to leave in their teller window.  I had to hunt for a treat, and found this leftover from Halloween!  Haha, I had to test one to make sure it wasn't stale... ;)

It was fine...!

Take care and snuggle in wherever you are!



lexi said...

super cute matchbook! they're perfect little candy holders for any occasion. and of course you had to taste first, lol! thanks for playing make it monday!

Colleen said...

Luanne, very cute and generic for any time to give as a little pick me up for a coworker...what a good idea!!

Kim Heggins said...

This is so your wonderful little treat.