Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lots of Mother's Day!

Yesterday was the Mother's Day card making day!  And I could not put down the new Friendship Jar Flowers set...  It was the perfect way to send mom flowers and good wishes!

I do think I'll get the smaller jar for these blooms, just for some variety.  And one more, using Quilted Summer, with the perfect sentiment from Quilter's Sampler.

I think I'm done. Thanks for stopping by!



Lynn Put said...

These are beautiful, Luanne!!! I love the different looks you achieved with the different color combinations using the friendship jar set.

Cindy Boney said...

Fantastic Mother's Day Cards....the colors/flower arrangements are goregous!

Shelly said...

So pretty! Love the different color combos! I have yet to use this set but you are such an inspiration! Pinning you!