Friday, July 22, 2016

SAF 2016: Share Your Masterpiece!

I actually have two, but I'll only pick one as my masterpiece. ;)  This first one, was one I loved, because it was a customer request, and all he asked for was the sentiment, "Just Because". I loved how it turned out, he loved it, and so did his wife!

But, this was what I would consider my "Masterpiece" this year.  It was for one of Melissa's Make it Monday's, to make one of her awesome scrappy bows!

It just turned out exactly how I wanted it to, Watercoloring, Embossing on Vellum, and my attempt to create a shabby chic scrappy bow!

Looking forward to a fun weekend! Thanks PTI, for helping us to create masterpieces all the time!



Lyn said...

Would have been hard to pick, they are both so beautiful <3

AOK said...

Luanne I can see how it was difficult to pick one. They are both beautiful. Enjoy SAF 2016

Betty Neville said...

These are both so beautiful! I will have to try making a scrappy bow!